Think n' Drink Trivia

Think n' Drink Trivia

Thu · December 7, 2017

8:00 pm

Join us for Trivia Night every Thursday!
Think N' Drink Trivia (Facebook: Think 'N Drink) 8 PM. Four rounds. Can play all four or chose the one you like. $11 domestic & $14 Fordham pitchers.

$10 gift card – General Knowledge Trivia (Shot round/winners get a round of shots and the only team to get the points)
$10 gift card – Name that Tune
$10 gift card – Flicks N Pics
$10 gift card – Last round which is always a different kind of game
End of the month winners: 1st & 2nd place Bottles of wine
Theme nights include: how cool is my t-shirt, hat night, team spirit night, Jerry Springer night, 80s night, pajama party night, sports team night, Walking Dead night, fantasy night, celebrity look-a-like, metal head night.

Think n' Drink Trivia
Think n' Drink Trivia
Venue Information:
Rams Head Shore House
800 Main Street
Stevensville, MD, 21666