Stupid Cupid Party

Stupid Cupid Party

Thu ยท February 14, 2019

7:00 pm

Feeling a little anti-cupid this year? Join us for our 2019 Stupid Cupid Party! Dinner specials start at 4 pm, drink specials start at 7 pm, and Think n' Drink Trivia starts at 8 pm! 

Drink Specials: 
Flirtini: Pomegranate liqueur with Smirnoff Cherry vodka garnished with a cherry. $5
Apple of My Ire: Pint of Strongbow cider with a splash of Fireball Whiskey. $6
Not-U-It's-Me Shots: Sexton Irish Whiskey, amaretto and Irish cream. $5


Venue Information:
Rams Head Shore House
800 Main Street
Stevensville, MD, 21666